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The Wedding is Near! Time for accessories…

Posted in wedding with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 16, 2010 by Jessica Lada

We’ve been engaged since Last July and the wedding is now less than a month away.  I’ve spent pretty much all summer planning, which is why the last post on here was roughly A BAZILLION YEARS AGO.  Anyway, during the course of my wedding planning I’ve run across some really great craftspeople and products that are going to make our wedding really special.  It’s all in the details!

And speaking of details, when my fiance set out to buy my engagement ring, he insisted it was a blue diamond.  It’s my favorite color and it’s always the first color on the canvas when I paint.  Forget Tiffany’s.  He went down to the diamond district in NYC and bought the most beautiful engagement ring ever.

No worrying about that pesky “something blue” for me!  I wouldn’t say blue is my “wedding color” (no blue flowers or decorations or anything like that) but I am doing some little blue touches in the wedding.

I turned to in search of non-stabby earrings.    I don’t have pierced ears, so it’s generally very difficult to find earrings I can wear that are not either extremely uncomfortable or butt-ugly.   I have never had pierced ears.  I never intend to have pierced ears.  Not only am I mildly terrified of needles, but on matter of principal I object to having additional, unnecessary holes added to my body.  (Plus I have a pet cockatoo who regularly flings my glasses across the room.  I wouldn’t want to give him any ideas with earrings.)

I found these blue rough gem earrings, wrapped with antiqued silver wire. AND the seller said she could make them clip-ons for me.  And that’s lucky news, because she has a slew of gorgeous earrings and other goodies at her shop, Ample Goddess Jewelry.

Not only do these earrings match my engagement ring, they’ll give a nice sparkle in all the wedding photos, AND it’s going to be a nice little touch in memory of my late Grandpa Ed.  He faceted and polished stones and did wire-wrapping.  These earrings look like something Grandpa would have made for me if he were still around.

They came in the mail today and I couldn’t be happier.  The clips are antiqued silver, just like the wire, the color is perfect, and they don’t hurt my ears.  My ears will be happy at my wedding!