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“Rain, I don’t mind”

Posted in Stuff with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 17, 2010 by Jessica Lada

For our ONE day in Denver several months ago, Will and I hoped to go to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (heck of a name) and hike the nature trails.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge -- The Creek -- photo by David Mendosa

With views like that, how could we NOT want to visit the park?  But unfortunately, Denver had different plans for us.

We improvised and headed first to breakfast at a local place called “Snooze”.  (That’s another post.)

After the best breakfast EVER we headed a little farther downtown.  We parked at the Aquarium and then headed northeast on Water Street to Platte.  We went for a stroll through REI, which is basically the mountain version of Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop.  Kansas doesn’t have mountains, so I’d never seen a store where you can actually buy climbing ropes, ice axes, pitons, and all the other things I have heard of from Reader’s Digest.  And then there was THIS:

It’s an indoor, four-story-tall, climbing pinnacle.  There are ropes in different positions for climbs of varying difficulty, all the way from beginner (I watched a five-year-old scale it to the top) to advanced.

I ended up buying a Dynaflex Pro Gyro Hand Exerciser.  It’s a pretty awesome gadget made with the principles of a gyroscope.  You pull the cord to get it spinning and then grip the sphere and rotate your wrist, pushing against the resistance to increase the internal rotation up to 13,000 rpm.   It doesn’t just work your grip, it works all the muscles in your hand wrist, forearm.  It’s not just for mountain climbers.  It’s great for writers (like me), guitarists, artists, or pretty much anybody who works with their hands.

Then we found Savory Spice Shop at 1537 Platte Street.  I bought a dozen vanilla beans (at the best price I’ve found at any store, real or online), along with jars of powdered cheddar cheese, Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle, Platte River Rib Rub, Red Cloud Peak Seasoning, Lodo Red Adobo, and Gunbarrel Venison Sausage Spice.  We might have gone a little overboard.

While paying for our spices, we tried free samples of Freeze Dried Corn.  It sounds weird, I know, but it was like sweet popcorn.  When I reorder spices soon, I’m definitely getting a big bag of the corn.

NEXT STOP: Denver Downtown Aquarium…